How do I choose between Snowboard and MC1509?

Snowboard is low cost, low resolution (16x10) controller designed for entry level force mapping.
Acquired force map is good for relative pressure mapping in a single time frame.

MC1509 is high resolution (48x48) controller.
Acquired force map is good for relative pressure mapping across multiple time frames.

What material is the sensor made of?


How can I read data from a matrix sensor?

You need Snowboard or MC1509 controller to acquire force data.
You also need Snowforce visualization software to see or save force data.

How are Kitronyx controllers connected to PCs or other devices?

Both of Snowboard and MC1509 can be attached to a PC via USB serial.

Snowboard has an embedded Arduino so, you can use general Arduino methods for board-to-board communication.
MC1509 only supports USB serial interface, so your device has to support USB serial communication.

Do you think the force matrix sensor would be accurate enough to detect the weight and surface area of an object?

Please see Calibration.

Can I use Kitronyx matrix sensors with other microcontrollers such as Arduino?


Can I reprogram Kitronyx force sensing electronics?

No. However, Snowboard 2 can be used as an Arduino shield.

Can I cut sensor?

Yes. When you cut sensor, you may affect sensels (sensing elements) and/or lines by cutting it. Note that corresponding sensels affected by your cutting will no longer be active.

Is it water proof?

Sensor work with water on top of it. But do not soak it in water.
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