Force Controller for 48x48 Matrix Sensors


This information page provides some important details about the MC1509 force controller that will help the user successfully employ the board as quickly as possible.

Kitronyx's MC1509 force controller enables the creation of advanced force sensing solutions using Kitronyx's propriety matrix force sensing technology.

The MC1509 brings advanced features, including noise robustness, larger sensor size support up to 48x48 channels, reliable scanning and the ability to combine with the advanced communication module, to achieve high speed USB communication. These capabilities enable a wider range of designs, including pressure distribution measurement system, robotics, medical applications for a rich user experience.

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  • Plantar foot pressure mapping
  • Industrial pressure distribution measurement
  • Gaming devices
  • Medical pressure sensing solution
  • Automotive testing applications
  • Robotics

Sensor Support

  • Up to 48TX x 48 RX channels
  • Works with any matrix sensors that outputs resistance whose range is between 2.5kOhm and 637.5kOhm.

Force Sensing Performance

  • > 10 reports per second
  • 8-bit resolution force image reporting
  • True touch: no ghost touches


  • USB powered

Communication Interface

  • USB Serial (921,600 bps)

Getting Started

To get started with MC1509 controller, follow these steps:
  1. Download and install virtual COM port driver at
    • In general, latest Windows such as 8 or 10 are able to automatically install drivers for MC1509. However, if you are old version of Windows this step will be necessary.
  2. Download and Snowforce for MC1509 at
  3. Connect MC1509 controller to your sensor.
    • Be careful not to flip sensor. There is a printed label on top of sensor.
  4. Connect MC1509 controller to the PC using the Mini USB cable (included in the kit). A red LED will be turned on.
  5. Launch Snowforce software.
    • Click LOAD INI and select mc1509_ms9705.ini in data folder under Snowforce folder.
    • Click CHOOSE PORT and select an appropriate port.
    • Click START to start MC1509. Enjoy it!
NOTE: Source codes and APIs for MC1509 can be found at our GitHub repository.

System Block Diagram


Pinout I/O Descriptions


Software & API


Snowforce force matrix sensor visualization software shows force image data form MC1509.
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Kitronyx API sets help you build your own application using Kitronyx force sensing solutions.
API sets include C++, Python, and Processing. Visit
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