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Using MS9705/MS9715 with Snowboard via MA1010 (MP2505)

MS9705 and MS9717 is 48x48 channel large FSR matrix sensor. This sensor was originally designed for MC1509 force controller which supports this large matrix sensors.
By the way, we have been received many requests from our customers to use this interesting sensor with our best selling Snowboard.

So, we provide this step-by-step guide to use a Kitronyx' 48x48 channel FSR sensor with Snowboard.

1. Requirements
* 48x48 channel FSR matrix sensor (MS9705 or MS9717)
* Snowboard
* MA1010 adapter

2. Connect this three units as follows:

3. Connect Snowboard and your PC using 5pin USB micro cable
* If you are not familiar with Snowboard and Snowforce, read following two documents
4. Open Snowforce, click LOAD INI and choose snowboard_ma1010.ini.

5. click CHOOSE PORT and select an appropriate serial port assigned to your Snowboard.
* Snowforce automatically lists available serial ports.

6. press 's' key to switch to 'square plot' mode.

7. That's all. Now you can see your foot print using Snowboard.