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5. FAQ

What is the Snowboard?

Simply speaking, Snowboard = Arduino Leonardo + pressure mapping controller + capacitive touch controller

Are there any specific problems/limitations with this technology that I should know about for my purpose? 

No. You don't need to know complicated sensing principles of Snowboard. For example, reading force map is just need a few lines of Arduino code. Spec of Snowboard and Sensor will be helpful guideline for you to use Snowboard for your application.

Do I need to connect the Snowboard to a full PC to process the output or would it work to issue commands to an Arduino / Raspberry Pi?

You can think Snowboard as an extended Arduino Leonardo. So, Snowboard can work standalone. PC is not mandatory. You can find Arduino program to read and send sensor data at and you can find that it’s very easy to customize. Using it with other microcontroller or mini PC is not limited. As you can see in the above link, you don’t need to know the underlying sensing principles. You just ask Snowboard to give you sensor data. And remaining is just to write your own Arduino code (as you know Arduino is famous for easy development).

Can I use two force pressure matrix sensors simultaneously?

No. Snowboard is designed to work with one at a time. In detail, it can simultaneously read force data spread across one pressure matrix sensor but does not work with two separate matrix sensors. You can connect both of sensors but two sensors will interfere each other.

Can I use a single zone force sensing resistor (FSR) with Snowboard?

Of course you can. We recommend you to read this instruction - Using Single Zone FSR Sensor with Snowboard. We will add more detailed instructions to add a single zone FSR sensor as well as other FSR sensors.

I would like to use it with my android netbook with blue tooth drivers. Would also use it with windows 8.1 desktop. Neither have touch screens.

The Snowboard is inherently an Arduino compatible board. You can use an off-the-shelf bluetooth shield to connect the Snowboard with Android

What would it cost (US dollars)?

The Snowboard is US$80 and a matrix sensor is US$27.5. If you buy both at once, the price is US$99.99 (around 10% discount)

Would I need to do the programming? Would I use an Arduino?

It depends on your applications. The Snowboard comes with several example firmware and software. If you are happy with these examples, you just need to upload the example firmware and launch the accompanying software. Please see our tutorial blog and documentation in this Wiki. If you decide to write down your own program, you can use a popular Arduino programming environment. Arduino is famous for its ease of use. If you are not familiar with Arduino, we recommend you to visit

I need a pressure mapping system with a large matrix sensor having many (> 1000) sensor nodes.

We have developed a solution for such products. Please see our works in the links below:
At this time, the high resolution with large sized-sensor as well as multi-touch capability are not supplied to an individual customers. We offer this as a solution to a customer with volume order.
We have a plan to release an off-the-shelf product with such functions but the schedule is not fixed yet.

I want to implement a pressure sensitive multi-touch input device with Snowboard.

Same as above

What can those 'capacitive touch sensors' be used for?

The capacitive sensors on the Snowboard is for versatile uses. It can be used to create a slider or it can be used to build a capacitive trackpad (not multi-touch). For other possible usages of the capacitive sensor, please visit this link

Can I wash the sensor?

Yes you can wash the sensor with a wet towel.

How sensitive is it?

This video can answer your question: