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1. Getting Started

This document describes how to prepare your Snowboard.If you are not familiar with Arduino, it is recommended to visit Arduino website. Especially, we encourage you to tour Getting Strated with Arduino page.

Install Prerequisite Software

Get Libraries and Sample Codes

We keep all codes for Snowboard at GitHub.
  • Go to Snowboard download page at
  • Click Download File and unzip the downloaded file. You will find two foldrs arduino and processing. arduino folder contains Arduino library for Snowboard and processing folder contains example PC applications.

Install Arduino Library for Snowboard

  • Run Arduino IDE and select Sketch - Import Library - Add Library
  • In the file dialog box, go to <extracted folder>/arduino/ and choose
  • Restart Arduino IDE and go to File - Examples to find out Snowboard library is correctly added to Arduino IDE as shown below
Check out Installing Additional Arduino Libraries if you want to manually add the library or have difficulties in adding it.

Prepare Snowboard

  • Connect Snowboard to PC via Micro USB B cable and wait for a minute untill your PC installs required device drivers.

Congratulations! Now, you might also want to see the examples of Snowboard.