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0. Quick Start

1. Download Arduino IDE by clicking here.
    - The Arduino IDE includes device driver for the Snowboard

2. Install Arduino IDE

3. Plug your Snowboard to your PC. You need to take a few manual steps to install device driver for the Snowboard. See this guideline for installing device driver
    - Note that the Snowboard can be regarded as an Arduino Leonardo in this step.
    - If you are using Windows, it will ask you the location of device driver file. In general, the location would be one of following folders
      C:\Program Files\Arduino\drivers
      C:\Program Files (X86)\Arduino\drivers
      C:\arduino-1.0.5-r2\drivers\ -> The trailing number depends on the version of Arduino

4. Download and unzip Snowboard distribution file here. In this tutorial, it is assumed that the file unzipped under C:\
    - The latest Snowboard distribution file is named as "' where YYYY, MM, and DD are year, month, and day of release, respectively.

5. Connect the Matrix Sensor 1610 or 1007 to the Snowboard

6. [Only for Matrix Sensor 1007] If you are using the Matrix sensor 1007, you need to rename surf_10x7.ini to surf.ini. The file is in the following folder. If you are using Matrix Sensor 1610, skip this step.

7. Run snowforce.exe in C:\snowboard-2015-03-03\processing\snowforce\bin

8. In the upper left corner of the application, you can find CHOOSE PORT list box. Click this and select an appropriate serial (COM) port. You can find the port to which the Snowboard is attached in the control panel - device manager of your PC.

9. Load an appropriate INI file. INI file for the default Snowboard firmware is snowboard_1610.ini

9. Click START (S) in the right of the CHOOSE PORT. When you click START (S), the title of the button will be changed to STOP (S).

10. Touch the sensor and you can see that your touches are visualized in the launched app.