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1. Getting Started



SNOWPAD is an opensource capacitive multi-touch trackpad designed for Arduino and microcontrollers. You can directly plug Arduino Micro onto SNOWPAD. In addition, it has an external I2C interface so that a user can easily connect SNOWPAD to any microcontroller. Its touch sensing feature is based on mutual capacitive sensing which are popular in modern smartphones and tables. Unlike other trackpads, this product detects 10 touch points simultaneously and outputs ID, x, y, up/down status. So, it is a perfect tool to build a custom multi-touch devices. With SNOWPAD, you can create a great devices such as multi-touch trackpad, keyboard, musical instruments, etc. Or you can use this product as an input interface to your Arduino or microcontroller projects. We provide well documented examples. For example, you can instantly turn SNOWPAD into a multi-touch trackpad!

Technical Details

  • Size: 87mm x 163mm
  • Sensing area: with 18TX x 13RX channels
  • Cover layer: 1mm Acryl
  • Weight: 81 grams
  • I2C interface
  • Controller: Microchip MTCH6301
  • Multi-touch up to 10 touches
  • Up to 12-bit resolution coordinate reporting

Install Prerequisite Software

Get Libraries and Sample Codes

We keep all codes for Snowboard at GitHub.
  • Go to Snowboard page in GitHub at
  • Click Download ZIP and unzip the downloaded file. You will find two foldrs arduino and processingarduino folder contains Arduino library for Snowboard and processing folder contains example PC applications.

Install Arduino Library for Snowboard

  • Run Arduino IDE and select Sketch - Import Library - Add Library
  • In the file dialog box, go to <extracted folder>/arduino/ and choose
  • Restart Arduino IDE and go to File - Examples to find out Snowboard library is correctly added to Arduino IDE as shown below
Check out Installing Additional Arduino Libraries if you want to manually add the library or have difficulties in adding it.

Prepare Snowboard

Arduino Micro

Arduino Micro can be plugged on top of the on board socket.


Snowpad's external I2C port is compatible with that of Snowboard.

Other microcontrollers

Connect other microcontroller by using the external I2C port on Snowboard.

Congratulations! Now, you might also want to see the examples of Snowboard.